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Apr 26

Voices from the past are being shared with the future generation as part of Walking In Others Footsteps. 

Elizabeth Roberts herself visited Moorside Primary School recently along with our engagement officer, Steve Fairclough where they played audio sections of the original archive recordings and answered the children’s questions.

Elizabeth is no stranger to Moorside School as her children were pupils there and she was a governor from 1981-2002.

Elizabeth, who lives in Lancaster, recorded the Working Class Oral History Archive during  the 1970s and 1980s and the memories became a unique record of working class life in Lancaster, Barrow and Preston from 1890 to 1970.

The archive is now being digitised and will soon be available via a dedicated website hosted by the Regional Heritage Centre at Lancaster University.

To celebrate the widening of access to the archive, Mirador have commissioned Steve along with several other artists to take part in an events programme.

Steve has been working in Lancaster, Barrow and Preston, capturing stories from local people inspired by the archive and delivering sessions in schools.

The archive covered many subjects but Steve has taken food, football and funerals as the themes for his sessions and he plans to photograph and document the stories he collects to create a history file.


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