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Nov 11

Bonker*s Clutterbucks are the husband and wife team who’ve been inspired by the clock tower at Standfast & Barracks to create a time machine installation for our Behind The Wall project.
Here, they answer some questions about their work:

Q Why did you want to get involved with the Behind The Wall project?

A We were delighted to be asked to be a part of the project and were drawn to the idea of being part of a group made up of a diverse range of artists with differing practices and approaches, contributing to one project. We both like the idea of exploring the many different uses of the site over the years, the history hidden behind the facade.

Kate is passionate about textiles, having grown up in Yorkshire with family involved in the woollen trade for generations, and went on to study textile design at Art School. She later moved to Lancashire to work as a designer at a weaving mill which supplied Standfast so was already aware of their worldwide reputation for producing quality printed fabrics.

Peter was drawn to the title of the project – Behind the Wall – and is looking forward to exploring the architecture, history, design and decoration. He’s interested in incorporating all the different elements together. He likes the idea of the building being seen as a narrative, both historically and visually.
It’s very refreshing to focus on a textile company that is flourishing and one that has also overcome the recent flood.

Q What interests/inspires you most about the Standfast & Barracks building?

A We are both drawn to the rather grand clock tower and the industrial features, pipework, levers, buttons and cogs.
We liked the idea of creating an installation with the tower as a time machine. We are creating a wall made up of compartments which represent multiple aspects/functions of the site past and present.

Q Have you done any other projects in Lancaster?

A No, this is our first project in Lancaster but Peter had close links with The Dukes theatre when he worked for Horse & Bamboo. Kate previously worked as a textile designer at a mill in Rossendale which supplied greige cloth to Standfast & Barracks and used to visit for development meetings.

Q What does your Behind The Wall project involve and what will be the end result?

A We are creating a large freestanding installation comprising of a time machine clock tower and two walls made up of scenes in compartments, depicting the history, industry and design elements taken from the archives. We imagine it will be like a giant doll’s house.
We hope to represent the large industrial machinery in contrast to the exquisite printed fabrics produced. Birds will feature throughout, as they are a prominent theme in the archive collection.

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