Monthly Archives: February 2015

Feb 23

At our launch we were fortunate to have Dr Jennifer Harris, Deputy Director of Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery, give the keynote address. So many people asked for copies of her fascinating talk we thought we’d include it in full here…

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Feb 18

We’ve been holding a series of open days at Standfast & Barracks for artists and funders we want to work with. Every nook and cranny of the extensive site has been explored and we’re thrilled to say that everyone seems to be as fascinated and inspired by the place as we are.
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Feb 10

After working behind the scenes for more than a year Mirador was launched at The Hall in Lancaster in November. Artists, funders and interested parties from across the heritage and arts sector attended and gave us fantastic feedback on our first project, uncovering the fascinating history of the Standfast & Barracks site.

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